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“Well done is better than well said.” 

– Benjamin Franklin

It is great to work with people that have such great knowledge and experience combined with integrity and commitment to quality and support.  Such a pleasure!

Ed Thompson

Washington State Department of Agriculture

New Energy Technology (NET) produces and supports web-based applications related to energy efficiency and conservation. For nearly a decade, Artesia Systems has been an indispensable resource when we have needed to augment our internal development team. They have helped us to enhance and maintain our entire suite of products and have played a key role in the design and programming of several new applications. We have also relied on their experience and guidance to make strategic decisions related to software development platforms and methodologies, as well as IT infrastructure and hosting environments.

Their commitment to excellence has been a constant. They have consistently delivered high-value solutions at an affordable cost, and the relationship between our two companies has evolved into a true partnership.

If your business depends on developing and delivering the right software solution to your customers, I strongly recommend that you explore a working relationship with Artesia. If you would like to discuss our experience working with this amazing team, please feel free to contact me at charley@newenergytech.net. I’d be glad to get on the phone for chat.

Charley Haupt

President, New Energy Technology

“Artesia Systems has been instrumental in assisting the Department of Commerce with the development of a business intelligence solution to turn data in to information. With the new data warehouse tool, the department of Commerce can easily report on what, why, and where investments have been made in Washington State.
And, now the public can access this information and see for themselves where Department of Commerce spending is taking place. Artesia brought expert development skills and data warehousing experience to the project which complemented in-house IT skills and abilities. This allowed for an on-time, on budget, data warehousing solution that met the reporting needs of the Department of Commerce Throughout the project, Artesia demonstrated not only expert level SA’s, but commitment to excellence, and dedication to project success that contributed to the successful implementation of the project.
Randy Ayers

Applications Development and Data Warehouse Manager - Information Services Unit, ASD, Washington State Department of Commerce

“Artesia Systems Group was instrumental in assisting the Department of Corrections (DOC) with replacing our Contracts routing and approval system with an interim, cost effective system that would bridge the gap until a One Washington enterprise solution gets implemented.  Artesia partnered with us in developing a stripped-down version of a complex system they had built for another state agency over several years, and modifying it to accomplish the comparably limited functionality we needed.  Artesia also successfully added a key component of workflow routing that the original system lacked but was critical in our deployment.
Artesia clearly demonstrated they were a partner in our success by helping to control cost escalation and being transparent about scope expansion costs.  Our new Contracts Management System (CMS) met our operational needs, stayed within a reasonable budget, and was a quality product when implemented.  It was a pleasure to work with the Artesia team, and they worked effectively with our Information Technology Staff for system deployment.  They were clearly dedicated to not only project success, but an ongoing relationship in terms of CMS system maintenance and troubleshooting.”
Dianne K. Doonan

Assistant Comptroller, Strategic Planning, Administrative Operations Division, Business Services, Washington State Department of Corrections

“Since joining Artesia Systems, I have learned so many new things. I am very thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me the opportunity and support to grow. It is encouraging to be a part of a company that truly lives their values – focusing on the human aspect and not just the solution. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I could have made.”  
Amalia Kendall

Quality Assurance Specialist, Artesia Systems

“My time at Artesia has been a remarkable journey and one that I’m blessed to still be on. The leadership at Artesia have always valued personal and professional growth by supporting us every way they can. I’ve always been family first and Artesia’s work life balance is often an unsung benefit of working here. We work hard, play often and grow together.”  
Andy Thirtyacre

Solutions Engineer, Artesia Systems

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